What Can the Art of War Teach Women about Getting Funded

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Sun Tzu’s Art of War is a is 2500-year-old military treatise. But be careful not to regard this old and sometimes difficult to understand text as irrelevant and dismiss its practical application for us today. I believe the text has incredible value for everyone who engages in competition of any kind. This certainly applies to women in corporate environments, as well as entrepreneurs and small business leaders seeking funding.

Imagine that the great strategy mastermind, Sun Tzu, was with us today. Imagine that he, like a lot of career military men and women, went into business later in life as a CEO or joined the executive team of a small business. How would he adapt his principles from The Art of War to wage war and peace for his small business and build it into an empire? That’s the question at the heart of my second book, The Art of War for Small Business, and the one I’d like to explore here for women seeking funding for their venture.

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