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mo workshop closer up cropped“SECRET EXPOSED. Becky’s presentation hits the individual head on.”

The Sun Tzu for Women Competitive Advantage Workshop is like no other women’s business and career training you’ve ever experienced! Prepare to understand what’s been holding you back and learn the actions you must take to advance forward.

This half-day session is designed to help women determine uniquely feminine competitive advantages and the personal barriers that are keeping them from excellence. This training has the potential to be transformational to individual careers, as well as to entire organizations.

This Sun Tzu for Women Competitive Advantage Workshop guides women through interactive sessions that help them determine their competitive advantages. Against the backdrop of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, this session explores such critical issues for women as:

  • Knowing when to fight
  • Failing to ask for what we want
  • Believing that hard work is enough
  • Being authentic to ourselves
  • Other issues like these that women struggle with
MO workshop

This training can be delivered within a business or organization, or more widely at women’s conferences. Human resources professionals, both men and women, are encouraged to participate.

For a sneak peak of some of the Boot Camp concepts, download the Common Pitfalls Mini-Assessment.

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