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“You truly equip women with the knowledge and tools to help them succeed. Your presentation was flawless!”


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The Sun Tzu for Women keynotes are designed to educate and inspire women to take full advantage of their careers.

These keynotes are an excellent introduction into the principles of Sun Tzu, targeted to the challenges women face today. Becky Sheetz has presented Sun Tzu for Women keynotes to corporations, women’s business groups, government agencies, colleges and at philanthropic fundraisers.

Some of our most popular women’s business keynotes include:

  • Using Sun Tzu’s Art of War to Find Your Competitive Corporate Advantage
    This presentation has received spectacular reviews from women’s business groups, corporations, and national and international media. It can be delivered in a keynote or half-day training session. Pitfalls and success attributes are outlined within the inspiring and empowering context of The Art of War. This keynote has been enlightening to women, as listeners come away with new insight into their competitive advantages, and how to hone and use them to catapult their careers.
  • Essential Principles for Women from The Art of War
    This is an overview of some of the fundamental strategies of The Art of War, with examples from successful women in corporations, as well as entrepreneurs. Their successes illustrate and lend a modern context to Sun Tzu’s wisdom so that listeners can understand and apply these strategies in many aspects of their careers. Sun Tzu Strategies also provides an enlightening keynote on the principles of Sun Tzu targeted to women.
  • Build Confidence & Get What You Want
    Tenacity, timing and decisiveness are recurring themes for Sun Tzu. This presentation examines techniques for getting what we want in business. The importance of self belief is critical. The mentality and tenacity necessary for success is highlighted, including the importance of authenticity and overcoming obstacles within us. Many women unwittingly construct personal barriers to achieving the success they desire. This presentation brings these common an enduring plagues to light.

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