Sun Tzu for Companies

Strategy Keynotes & Training

Is your company doing well but you need a way to take it to the next level? Or is your firm stuck and needs a strategy to get back in the game? For either situation we can provide the right level of support to help you seize the advantage.

Learn the Principles with the Sun Tzu and the Art of Business keynote!

The best way to introduce a large number of people to the principles of Sun Tzu can often be a keynote. The Sun Tzu and the Art of Business keynote communicates the Six Principles that Mark developed for business based on his book, Sun Tzu and the Art of Business. The presentation ensures the audience grasps these concepts through the use of quotations from The Art of War, interesting military illustrations and insightful business examples.

Mark has presented his Sun Tzu and the Art of Business keynote address to thousands of people in the U.S., Europe and Asia, including leaders at 3M, IBM, the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, and the US Air Force Command and Staff College.

Here’s a clip of Mark McNeilly introducing the Six Principles from his book Sun Tzu and the Art of Business.

This is an excellent way to familiarize a large team with these ideas and give them new ways to think about how to compete. 

Train Your Team!

An excellent way of providing your team with a deep understanding of the Six Principles that Mark developed for businesses is the Sun Tzu Boot Camp. Your team will receive a half-day to full-day training session for up to 30 employees. The session provides an in-depth introduction to Sun Tzu’s principles as applied to business.

The Sun Tzu Boot Camp begins with a presentation overview of the six principles, then explores each principle in depth. This is done through readings from The Art of War, insightful business and military examples, and the use of exercises and discussion. The Boot Camp provides your team not only new ways to think about how to compete, but also gives them a process to follow that will enable them to build a strategy based on Sun Tzu’s principles. It can be customized to meet the specific needs of your team.

Build Your Strategy!

Does your company need a strategy to “seize the advantage?” Sun Tzu Strategies can help you create a business strategy with our Art of War Workshop.

The Art of War Workshop is an intense, customized two day, strategy-building session for up to 10 executives/managers. The Workshop will provide an in-depth introduction to the Six Principles as applied to business, and assist you in developing a strategy built on those principles. At the end of the workshop you and your leadership team will leave invigorated, excited and, most importantly, hold a draft strategy or set of strategic options on which to build.

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