Keynotes & Workshops for Women & Men

“You truly equip women with the knowledge and tools to help them succeed. Your presentation was flawless!”


Becky shows women and small business leaders how to gain a decisive advantage with superior strategy.

Sun Tzu for Women

Based on her book by the same name, Sun Tzu for Women keynotes and workshops educate and inspire women in corporations, business groups, government agencies and nonprofits to take full advantage of their careers. Immersed in the latest gender research and studies, Becky brings a fresh and current presentation with each delivery, against the intriguing backdrop timeless strategy. 

  • Keynote: Find Your Competitive Advantage the Sun Tzu Way
    This dynamic and eye-opening presentation highlights pitfalls and success attributes within the inspiring and empowering context of The Art of War. This keynote has been enlightening to women, as listeners come away with new insight into their competitive advantages, and how to hone and use them to catapult their careers.
  • The Competitive Advantage Half Day Training is a deep and personalized dive into these pitfalls and attributes, and it helps every woman understand opportunities to take control of her career with a detailed self assessment and meaningful time for small group and open discussion.Here’s a recent competitive advantage workshop video clip:

  • Confidence Builder for Women Keynote & Training
    Tenacity, timing and decisiveness are recurring themes for Sun Tzu. This presentation examines techniques to help women get what they want. Key to effective outcomes are self belief, skill and proper technique, as well as a high level of authenticity and drive to overcoming obstacles within us. Many women unwittingly construct personal barriers to achieving the success they desire. This presentation brings these common an enduring plagues to light, and includes a special emphasis on negotiation.
  • Confidence Builder Workshops of 2-4 hours are also available and include practice scenarios. 

Strategy Training for Men & Women

  • Perception Edge—360 Degree Clarity in How Others See You
    Accurate self-perception is critical to your success in your career and as a leader. But women and men, and a high volume of millennials, struggle with blind spots, distortions, and misunderstandings in their perceptions of themselves. This is a persistent source of frustration and keeps them from achieving their goals and objectives. The Perception Edge keynote opens the doors for learners to the potential of improving their EQ, sharpening communication and listening styles, and being conscious of their body language so they can achieve success. 
  • The Perception Edge Half Day Training extends the actionable learning with exercises and scenarios that challenge and teach learners. Everyone comes away with a dramatically improved 360 degree understandings of how others see them and gets the tools to overcome blind spots and add clarity to their communications and interactions. They will present themselves with greater confidence and authenticity and be poised to gain what they seek in their careers!

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