How To Apply Bill Belichick’s Formula For Success To Your Business

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As Belichick told Suzy Welch, “Every battle is won before it’s fought.  Sun Tzu – Art of War.  It’s all about preparation. You know what you’re doing and you have an idea what the opponent’s going to do – what their strengths and weaknesses are.”

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  1. David Jeffrey

    Great post Becky! Bill Belichick’s formula works because preparation is indeed the key! As Sun Tzu emphasized, understanding the cause-and-effect interplay between the static and dynamic, as well as the tangible and intangible, being attentive of paradoxical situations, accepting and yielding to situations beyond control as well as candid self-knowledge are all indispensable parts of enabling a greater sense of the recognition to be less egotistical and impulsive, and to be humble and serving of the needs of others in accordance with the nature of emerging unexpected situations in a holistic and multidimensional manner. Such is indeed Sun Tsuzian preparation, and not something acquired overnight but from years and years of diligent contemplation and practice, over and over again! Thanks again for your great and inspiring post Becky!


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