“A must read…Sun Tzu for Women” shows how core attributes from the classic “The Art of War” can guide women climbing the corporate ladder.

-Today’s Chicago Woman


“After reading many books (mostly business-oriented) that interpret Sun Tzu’s principles, we’ve finally found one we can recommend (to men as well as women!) This book contains all of the essential wisdom of the original text – but is way more easy and interesting to read.”

Good Works Book Club


“The author takes Sun Tzu’s strategies and tweaks them so they are more female-friendly. While that may sound sexist, it’s actually the opposite. The result is a book that provides dozens of straightforward tips on how to be more successful in business, and to understand more completely what your competition is doing and — best of all — how to beat them at their own game.”

-Times Union


“Whether it’s relying on networking skills to win allies or maneuvering to gain a decisive advantage, the author shows through dozens of case studies from prominent women in business how to overcome the odds, defeat opponents, and forge successful careers.”

The Lipstick Journal


“Sun Tzu for Women shows women how to capitalize on their natural gifts of intuition, sensitivity and passion. As Sun Tzu noted centuries ago, one must truly understand the nature of one’s enemy and the lay of the land to achieve victory.” The Career Network


The way Sheetz-Runkle explained this for the non-battlefield arena really spoke to me; I started to think about what strengths I bring to my work and home life everyday and what strengths I can use when a situation calls for me to be extraordinary.

The Stepmom’s Tool Box


“Women have always gone to war with their men usually in a support role. Yet today, women stand side-by-side in our organizations with men as full partners. Finally, Sun Tzu for Women! It is a liberating guidebook that dispels the myth that a woman must give up her femininity to be a leader. A great, accessible, thought-provoking must read.”

-Nancy Fredericks, co-author of Dancing on the Glass Ceiling


“Becky has done an excellent job of taking the teachings of Sun Tzu and translating them into a format that can be understood by women in business today.  I highly recommend that any woman looking to get ahead in her career or build her business take the time to read this book not once, but many times over the course of her career.  As with the original version of “The Art of War”, each reading will provide a new lesson.  That is the timeless gift of “Sun Tzu for Women.”

-Kelly Harman, Chief Strategist, Zephyr Strategy, Inc.” and President-Elect, Women in Technology


“Ms. Sheetz-Runkle includes the line ‘The reality is that no matter how good you were yesterday, no matter how much you accomplished, you must be prepared to do battle today.” in her take on The Art of War as it relates to the day-to-day challenges faced by women in today’s business world, and I can think of no better tool for helping me understand that.  Over my 13 years in this industry I have had my share of battles, some with favorable outcomes and some without, and this book has given me a deeper insight into my own successes and recoveries, and how using my own gifts as a woman and Sun Tzu’s mastery I can better prepare for the battles I face in the future.”

-Courtney Fairchild, President, Global Services


“Becky Sheetz-Runkle gets it, and she writes about it in her book Sun Tzu for Women. She writes about something that I deeply believe in, as an entrepreneur, CEO, business, coach, and human being. With her own experience as a focused martial arts practitioner, she blends the spirit of Eastern philosophy with the black and white thinking of the West. She takes the old-world male battleground of business and drops today’s modern business woman into it. Instead of trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole, she develops the theory that the best tactics in the world of business, especially for half of the workforce today who are women, is knowing oneself – a timeless trait for success.

The greatest leaders have been those who have gone into their deep internal core to fully understand who they are and to use their gifts, their authenticity, as a resource to create success, to motivate themselves and others, and to attract and achieve their deepest desires. There’s great wisdom in Runkle’s writing, as if she herself has been to that place. I, too, have been there. It is the place where the impossible can happen, where self-confidence is natural, not forced, where deep relationships form to leverage success for all; and, it is the place where an indomitable spirit can bust through barriers. Heed the wisdom of Runkle. She is the guide you’ll want to learn from as you take the journey toward your own personal development for success.”

-Nanci Raphael, author of The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Mastering the Inner World of Business and President of Leadership & Executive Development, LLC (


“When I became the first woman sales leader at Oracle, all the men were reading The Art of War. I wish Sun Tzu for Women had been written then so I could have benefitted from Sheetz-Runkle’s insights and stories.”

-Anneke Seley, CEO, Phone Works and coauthor, Sales 2.0: Improve Business Results Using Innovative Sales Practices and Technology

“Who knew these ancient lessons of war were so applicable in modern times?  The parallels and experiences Becky describes of many business women and leaders throughout history demonstrate the timelessness of Sun Tzu.  Sun Tzu for Women captures the learnings in a well organized and easily digestible format enabling all of us to bring these valuable lessons to the front of our minds and of course into our daily lives.”

-Michelle Tillis Lederman, CPA, MBA, ACC – President & Founder, Executive Essentials and author, The 11 Laws of Likability.


Sun Tzu for Women gave me new insight into how to get ahead and stay ahead. I recommend this book for any woman who wants to get as much out of her business and career as she can. More than that, these timeless truths are just as applicable for men who want to achieve new heights—and who want to best understand and support the women in their offices and their lives.”

-Karie Willyerd, CEO, Jambok and author, The 2020 Workplace


“Sun Tzu for Women should be required reading for women leaders who want to reach new heights in their careers—on their own terms. As Becky emphasizes, to do this we must get to know our authentic selves, find our passion, and then pursue it. Sun Tzu for Women is an indispensable tool for this.”

-Theresa M. Szczurek, Ph.D., Amazon-bestselling author, Pursuit of Passionate Purpose:  Success Strategies for a Rewarding Personal and Business Life

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