The Tiger & The Dragon

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The Tiger & The Dragon is the new business parable book by Mark and Becky, written to show a very different and far superior way to compete in business, based on the strategic philosophy of the greatest strategist who ever lived, Sun Tzu.

The parable – fantasy yet so grounded in reality. Exciting to read!
The book finds our hero, Bill, in the fight of his life to save his company from the evil giant entering his market. The journey takes us to China where Bill learns from a reclusive Sage. The Sage tells him of the saga of the valiant Tiger, and the battles that unfold, as his kingdom is mercilessly attacked by the armies of the fierce Black Dragon.
This entertaining book will change the way you look at your business’s strategy–and you’ll have fun along the way!
The Sage began his parable: “In ancient days there were many kingdoms. One of these, a very powerful one, was the realm of the Tiger King. It had been at peace with its neighbors for many years. However, one day a new threat arose from a land far away. A fierce Black Dragon, unlike anyone in the land had seen, had appeared, attacking kingdoms and seizing their territories. It is during that time that we begin our story as we join the valiant Tiger King; his wise and prudent Councilor, Monkey; and strong and stalwart General, Ox, at a Council of War.
“A parable?” Bill wondered. “Not exactly the practical application I was hoping for,” but he realized he had no choice. “Sure, let’s go! I’ve come a long way so I’m eager to hear what you have to say,” Bill replied, pretending an enthusiasm he really didn’t feel. While he pushed himself to keep an open mind Bill secretly wondered just what this old Chinese Sage could possibly teach him about how to overcome his daunting business challenges. “Has this recluse so much as ever owned a lemonade…or, make that a tea stand?” he wondered. 
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