The Buzz

Workshop Attendees Say:

  • “This workshop managed to meet me @ my struggle. I have had a BREAKTHROUGH. ENERGIZED. FOCUSED. SUCCINCT!  I really didn’t expect to walk away this empowered
    tascbecause I never do. Becky’s presentation hits the individual head on. On point. SECRET EXPOSED.”
  • Becky was awesome! High energy and very timely information.
  • This class has brought a lot to my attention. I see I have fallen into the common pitfalls, particularly thinking hard work is enough. I will take this back with me and work on changing my strategy—thank you for that!
  • Much needed info for the season that I am in in my life.”
  • “I am very glad I made the time and commitment to myself to be here today!”
    “I appreciate you offering such a great workshop – you are making such a difference.  I have learned so much from your program and I plan implement several of the strategies you have outlined in your assessment guide – I know that many others plan to do the same.”
  • “Loved it and can’t wait to apply it to my career and life.”
  • “Great information to have in my wheelhouse. Very thought-provoking workshop.”
  • “Loved the stories & examples. Q&A was great & relateable.”
  • “Nice to have the pitfalls laid out – had not realized some of the things holding me back. Now that I know what they are, I can work on them.”
  • Nice style – good examples. Thank you good job!”
  • “Assessments were hugely helpful in determining my level on various topics.”
  • “Really interesting stuff – loved Becky’s energy.

Event Organizers Say:

Local news interview for military women entrepreneur talk.

“Becky was a fantastic speaker at our women’s veteran entrepreneurship event, A New Mission.  She engaged the audience, had a great presentation that was not only informative, but was compelling and meaningful. Becky was really able to connect the dots for the audience and all walked away with knowledge and determination. I look forward to the next time she speaks at one of our events.” 
-Briles Johnson, Executive Director, The Women’s Business Center of North Carolina

“I am so pleased with the conference and I am so happy that the women that day were supplied with the knowledge they will need to further themselves. Thank you so much for providing that for the attendees!!! We heard nothing but great comments regarding your talk. You truly equip women with the knowledge and tools to help them succeed. Your presentation was flawless!”
-Lisa Althoff, Executive Director, Missouri Women’s Council

“I had the pleasure of hearing Ms. Sheetz-Runkle speak about her latest book, Sun Tzu for Women. I was impressed and appreciated how she was able to convey, and make relevant, the premise of a book written for women to an audience that was predominately male. I was also impressed that she was able to do this in fifteen minutes. Her effectiveness with this audience was evident by the number of questions and comments that followed her presentation.”
-Dr. Sam Hill, Provost-Woodbridge Campus at Northern Virginia Community College

“Becky is a vibrant speaker and story teller. She immediately captures the attention of her audience, establishes an instant connection with the women while at the same time peaking the curiosity of the male listeners.”
-Bryanna K. Altman, President, Prince William Public Library System Foundation

“I love this book. Becky Sheetz-Runkle did a presentation for Executive Women’s Roundtable about the book and it was a hit. I recommend both highly.”
Bettina M. Lawton, J.D.