Speaking Examples

Here are a few short clips of Becky speaking on women’s business topics. To learn about having Becky speak at your next event, conference or workshop, contact bsheetz@beckysheetz.com.

Competitive_advantage_secretThe Competitive Advantage SecretWhat do you have to lose by not leveraging your uniquely feminine attributes? Becky describes the attribute of collaboration and explains its impact on women who rank high in it.




IntuitionBecky discusses the uniquely feminine success attribute of intuition through supporting data and a personal story.




youtube_imageAuthentic ChameleonWhat’s an authentic chameleon and how can learning about it bolster your career? Becky talks about being “too aggressive” and “too assertive” in this essential take-away.


when_to_fightKnow when to FightKnowing when to fight, when to abstain, and when to wait for more favorable conditions is a central theme of Sun Tzu, and of Becky Sheetz-Runkle’s keynotes and training.



The Feminine Advantage of Collaboration–“If you’re a collaborative person, you need to be in an environment where you can collaborate.” Many women are very skilled collaborators. What impact will it have on their success and fulfillment if they’re not able to put those traits into action?


youtube_image_2A Tale of Two SamuraiSometimes engaging in conflict is necessary. But it always brings costs in resources and time, and creates risk. This is an illustration of how to be creative and avoid battles you don’t have to fight.


Play_the_Game_youtubePlay the GameFrom refusing to network to believing hard work is enough, many women are unable or unwilling to play the game. Here’s why that will leave you at a disadvantage in your career.