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The new business parable book by Mark and Becky shows a different and far superior way to compete in business, based on the philosophy of the greatest strategist who ever lived, Sun Tzu.

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  • What’s the Sun Tzu for Women Keynote & Workshop All About?

    Becky gives a 3:28 overview of what her Sun Tzu for Women Competitive Advantage Workshop and Keynote are all about. To learn more, visit, Or contact bsheetz(at)

    March 17, 2017
  • What’s The Value of Your Word?

    Over the years, I’ve noticed an alarming and, I believe, growing trend. It’s the lack of follow through of too many people in doing something they say they’re going to do. I’ve… Read more »

    March 7, 2017

Mark McNeilly

Mark is the author of two books based on Sun Tzu’s Art of War,  served as a guest speaker on the History Channel Special on Sun Tzu’s Art of War and has presented his views on Sun Tzu’s strategic principles to corporations, business people and military personnel worldwide.

Becky Sheetz

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Becky is a strategic marketer, martial arts master and author of Sun Tzu for Women  and The Art of War for Small Business. She’s a sought-after and engaging speaker and trainer for corporations and entrepreneurial big brands, and is a recognized authority on women’s business issues.

“Becky’s presentation hits the individual head on. On point. SECRET EXPOSED.”

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