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  • Recommended Summer Reading – Sun Tzu and the Art of Business

    PBT users tell what’s on their summer reading lists “Sun Tzu and the Art of Business” by Mark R. McNeilly. Many equate a mastery of the principles of Sun Tzu’s Art of War as a path to power, and McNeilly’s book examines the core elements of this sometimes perplexing philosophical masterpiece in a way any… Read more »

    July 27, 2015
  • Becky Interviewed on Small Business Success Strategies from Sun Tzu’s Art of War

    Here is Becky’s Sun Tzu for small business interview on Michigan Business Network. Michael said the interview may only go a few minutes, and we’d see how it went. We kept chatting for entire segment. Listen here for more about Sun Tzu’s strategic guidance for small businesses. Michael asked some great questions, and this was… Read more »

    July 24, 2015
  • Concept 4: Create Unity

    Mark and Becky’s recently presented on “Sun Tzu and the Art of Business” at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. Here is the fourth Art of War concept highlighted by CKGSB: Create unity. Using Sun Tzu’s advice, companies should strive to have a unified brand, theme and mission, Sheetz-Runkle said. Given that it is… Read more »

    July 7, 2015

Mark McNeilly

Mark is the author of two books based on Sun Tzu’s Art of War,  served as a guest speaker on the History Channel Special on Sun Tzu’s Art of War and has presented his views on Sun Tzu’s strategic principles to corporations, business people and military personnel worldwide.

Becky Sheetz-Runkle

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Becky is a strategic marketer, martial arts master and author of Sun Tzu for Women  and The Art of War for Small Business. She’s a sought-after and engaging speaker and trainer for corporations and entrepreneurial big brands, and is a recognized authority on women’s business issues.